Smart-Reputation: Bad Results Can Happen to normal People

Smart-Reputation: Bad Results Can Happen to normal People While this section may seem like it’s only relevant to politicians or criminals, negative content is something that can happen to anyone. All it takes is one bad blog post or status update from a pissed off ex, one disgruntled former client or employee, or one photo tagged in bad judgement after a night out with a friend. The point is, bad results can happen to good people, and Smart Reputation is meant to walk you through the emergency tactics you can use to salvage your reputation.

Raise positive content higher in search engines, essentially burying content farther down the page. While this doesn’t technically remove it from search engines, it does drastically decrease the chances someone searching for you finds it. In fact, 93% of people don’t even go past the first page, and even if they do, they’ve just gone through an entire page of positive content that lets them know who you really are. This means, you don’t only need one or two results on the first page, you need enough to bury the other content.