Why Smart-Reputation is a solution?

Smart Reputation is software that creates a name related to specific content and positioning in Google with the latest technology in achieving SEO positioning positive contents, drag overlapping or negative contents towards the final pages of Google, which nobody read.

OUR SECRET: For every negative content found in Google, we created a significant number of positive or reference content that make Google position our new content. We move in a week all the negative news from Google News and in three months we clean the first 3 pages of Google with positive content about the client.

If the problem is an unwanted image. The process is slower but is achieved. The first results of the images begin to see a month and go through a whole system of images which SEO is often more difficult than the index text on the Internet.

Smart Reputation working with special algorithms that create content at every moment, which are positioned very well in Google and are also taken by search engines like Bing and Yahoo.